Transforming Good Causes into Great Programs

Who We Are

The Connor Group is a real estate investment firm operating in numerous major cities throughout the United States. In addition to our basic business, we’ve also been involved with a number of different causes throughout the years.

The basic idea of The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners is to be a non-profit investment partner. We aim to find really good causes and help develop them into really great programs.

How do we accomplish this? Certainly not just by writing checks, although that’s part of the equation. More importantly, we want to utilize the knowledge, skills and relationships we’ve developed in more than 20 years as a high-performance business.

Our goal is to work with a limited number of programs which make a significant, long-term and quantifiable difference in the lives of disadvantaged kids. Currently our primary focus is Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our Causes

  • Must have a focus on disadvantaged kids
  • Must have a basic premise that resonates with us and excites us
  • Must have operations in Cincinnati and/or Dayton, OH
  • Must have accountability to measurable, results-driven goals
  • Must have strong and dynamic leadership