About The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners
Transforming Good Causes into Great Programs

How We Help

The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners consists of Connor Group associates, as well as key leaders from outside the company who share our vision and values.

Programs we consider partnering with are put through a vetting process which examines their culture, goals, leadership, structure, results, long-term planning, funding and staffing.

Oftentimes, programs can benefit from other Connor Group resources. The company employs experts in recruiting, communications, finance, marketing, accounting, IT and operations. It also has strong business relationships that can pay dividends in the form of special pricing from vendors, pro bono work from professionals, networking opportunities with other organizations, etc.

Once we decide to partner with a program, we provide much more than funding. Each program is matched with a Connor Group Partner who has a particular interest in it. That Partner is the liaison between the program and The Connor Group, reporting back to the Partners about the progress of the program. He or she also will help with planning, goal-setting and measurement. Ultimately, it is his or her responsibility to hold the program accountable to the goals and standards of The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners.

Who We've Helped

Here are examples of some noteworthy programs, organizations and causes we have worked with in our 20+ years:

  • Dayton Children’s Hospital
  • Haiti Medical Relief
  • St. Benedicts (Mary Queen of Peace)
  • City of Dayton Park Renovation
  • University of Dayton Entrepreneurial Program
  • Katrina Relief Aid
  • Dayton Humane Society
  • YMCA Miracle League
  • Holiday Toy Drives
  • City of Dayton First Four Fund